Rolling Stoned: The best infused pre-rolled joints for summer 2018

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SF Gate
May 3, 2018

There aren’t many methods of smoking cannabis that’s quite as traditional as a rolled joint.

But unfortunately, not everyone can roll a perfect fattie, or stuff a cone resembling a miniature baseball bat. It’s the reason why everyone appreciates today’s assortment of top shelf pre-rolls available in legal markets.

Not only do these off-white bombers come expertly rolled using top-shelf flowers, but many come packed with assorted extras that include oils, hash, concentrates, and resinous trichomes of kief.

These infused joints are tailor-made for experienced cannabis enthusiasts seeking earth-shattering amounts of THC, and definitely not for beginners. With that in mind, here’s a list of our favorite infused pre-rolls available at a legal dispensary near you.

Biscotti Singoli:

California’s Emerald Triangle supplies the premium flower used to roll these oversized joints that each weigh a full gram. Each Singoli also comes infused with a 9:1 ratio of flower to solventless, full-spectrum hash crumbled throughout. Individual pre-rolls go for about $25, and are available at finer cannabis dispensaries like SPARC and Med Men.

Sublime Fuzzies:

These frosted mini-bats are definitely not your boring old joint. Sublime’s King Fuzzies come bursting with terpene-enhanced flowers infused with co2 wax, and are topped off with a healthy dusting of kief on the outside. Fuzzies also come in a 3-pack of mini pre-rolls (see feature photo) for a series of short but sweet smoke sessions. Find these at your local California pot shop.

Lucy’s Pre-Rolls:

If Lucy’s originals pre-rolls weren’t pleasing enough, their shatter-infused singles combine a relaxing indoor-grown OG with solventless co2 snapshatter. Lucy’s layering of premium shatter all but guarantees that the joint won’t gum up and put itself out. These singles range from $12-15, and can be found at dispensaries and delivery services like


For those looking for a longer smoking experience than Lucy’s, Gurus come handcrafted with a full gram of shatter/flower pairing made from the same strain of premium flower. Each single-packaged joint can be found at cannabis shops throughout California, with a retail price around $16.

Sitka Sikarillos:

Anyone who prefers traditional hashish over today’s co2 concentrates, should fawn over Sitka’s Sikarillos. These singles are rolled with half a gram of carefully-ground flowers, enveloped in a thin half-gram sheet of Lebanese hash, and finally dusted with a generous layer of dry-sift kief. These mind-altering bombers will cost a worthy $30 at finer dispensaries.

Ganjagold Tarantula King:

If you’re searching for the ultimate infused joint, look no further than Ganjagold’s Tarantula King. Each single pre-roll is packed with a whopping two grams of top tier, indoor-grown buds within an oversized RAW natural paper that’s fully coated with co2 oil, and frosted with kief. Look to spend upwards of $45 for one of these monsters at Bay Area shops like Purple Star and CBCB.

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