About Cultivator

Small batch, hand trimmed, and a dozen strains at any given time, State Flower California is a company rooted in their OG traditions and skill sets. With over 15 years of hydroponic experience, the State Flower team prides itself on being able to offer unique cultivars that are grown perfectly, thanks to their state of the art facility and tools to scientifically dial in the nutrition cycle.

With the ability and mindset of offering boutique batch cannabis, you can experience every flavor and effect on the spectrum. From heavy couch-lock Indica’s like GrandDaddy Purp to the energetic effects of their Jamaican landrace Sativa, Lambs Bread, State Flower has it all.

  • Envirocann Certified - (3rd Party Certification and Compliance Partner)

cultivation method
Indoor; Hydropnic
San Francisco, CA