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Making hash is a long and laborious process, though it is the most natural way to protect and preserve the natural properties of the cannabis plant. Our hash is made by naturally separating the full-spectrum of trichomes from the cannabis plant, using only water and ice. These trichomes host the aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids that provide consumers with therapeutic experiences.

By collecting a full-spectrum of trichomes, we provide consumers the widest range of therapeutic effects. The result is a pure, powerful, and natural cannabis concentrate that can be added to ground flower, smoked on its own, or infused into edibles, beverages, tinctures, tabs and topicals.

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The cannabis industry has been grueling for many of our peers and we are here to help provide assistance. Biscotti's team has dealt with pretty much every headache the industry has to offer and we are here to help those seeking assistance whilst adhering and complying with all relevant and U.S. Federal Laws and Regulations in the following areas:

Business Management

Business management and organization consultancy

Organization Consultancy

Business organization consultancy in the areas of cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Supply Chain

Organization of hemp & cannabis businesses.


All packages are based on cultivator providing 100lbs of material

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Material testing at
Material testing at
Material testing at
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High yield
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Customers Love Us

“First time ever trying Biscotti pressed hash. It was BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t even want to break into it but ended up being super potent and tasty!”
“This collaboration between Biscotti and Butter Brand with this Olio Rosin is something fit for a queen. What a perfect blend of earthy flavors and smooth taste. It makes me want to sip some red wine with it overlooking the Italian sunset.”
“I still can’t find anything close! Fine Italian hash!”
mike hofer
"My favorite Biscotti Brands product is Olio. Super high quality hash rosin that is full spectrum and solventless! I love how they collaborate with some of the best local farms in California and that I can dab some of my favorite flower strains. Whether you are looking for a relaxing high or a more energizing one there is a dab of Olio waiting for you."
amanda stevens
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