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About Us
Biscotti Brands was founded on the belief that the consumption of cannabis is a ritual and an experience, not just another commodity. Biscotti is committed to making cannabis accessible to everyone by honoring traditions and providing a consistent, high-quality product.

Biscotti is a premium cannabis lifestyle brand focused on the convergence of craftsmanship, technology, and tradition. We are inspired by the old school heritage of craftsmanship while utilizing new technology to refine our artisanal hash products into edible and smokeable forms.

We are on a mission to share  the old world passion for hash with new generations. We got our start sourcing some of the most sought after traditional hash varieties on the planet, and quickly realized there was a need for modern expressions of this ancient craft. So we took an active role in creating a line of hashes that novice and experienced consumers would both appreciate.

Our Story
Our co-founders met while living in the Middle East, where hash-culture was debatably born. They both fell in love with the art of hash-making and decided to move to Oakland, California to start Biscotti. Once they arrived, both started to gather the knowledge and connections required to boot-strap their business and bring the vision to life. 
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