Resina - Loose Hash [1g]

$ 25.00 USD
  • No chemicals.
  • No solvents.
  • High potency.
  • Full spectrum.
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product description

A truly old-world hash method of resin separation using ice, water, and gentle agitation. We've spent years perfecting the process so that we can produce the purest, highest quality, richest flavored hash.

We are master artisan hash makers from around the world committed to making the purest, richest flavored, bubble hash in the world.
award-winning partnerships
We are the hash connoisseurs that partner with the most renowned breeders, growers, and brands to craft the best and most innovative hash products for our community to enjoy.
Our proprietary “slow and low” extraction process delicately separates the trichomes from the cannabis plant, a solventless practice that preserves the powerful, potent properties of the cannabis plant.

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