What is Hash?

What is Hash?

Hash or hashish, is the oldest cannabis concentrate in the world, known for its purity, flavor, and powerful therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Bubble hash is a modern preparation of hash which uses ice water to gently extract the full-spectrum of cannabis trichomes from the cannabis plant. The result is a pure, flavorful, powerful, and natural cannabis concentrate.

Our Hash

Making hash is a long and laborious process, though it is the most natural way to protect and preserve the natural properties of the cannabis plant. Our hash is made by naturally separating the full-spectrum of trichomes from the cannabis plant, using only water and ice. These trichomes host the aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids that provide consumers with therapeutic experiences.

By collecting a full-spectrum of trichomes, we provide consumers the widest range of therapeutic effects. The result is a pure, powerful, and natural cannabis concentrate that can be added to ground flower, smoked on its own, or infused into edibles, beverages, tinctures, tabs and topicals.

How to Consume

Add to ground flower

Grind up your flower and add a dash of hash to your mix. From there, you can put the mix in a joint or pack a bowl with it!

On its own

Hashish is amazing, but powerful, when smoked alone. The concentrate was traditionally smoked out of long wooden pipes in the Middle East, Himalayas, and South E. Asia. Try our Resina or Biscottino in a small pipe or roll up a hash-only joint for a truly powerful experience.


Hash is our concentrate of choice for any infusion at team Biscotti because of it's natural and full-spectrum properties that create a fuller body, and mental high.

In order to infuse a product the cannabinoids must be activated. To do so, we recommend heating up our Resina, Biscottino, or Olio, at 205-220 F for 45 minutes. Once complete, mix the concentrate in with your product of choice.

You may also infuse it while cooking (just make sure to keep the temperature above 200 F but below 235 F). Too cold and it won't activate all the cannabinoids. Too hot and you will end up losing cannabinoids!


We recommend only dabbing our Olio (rosin), however, you may press our Resina or Biscottino through a 25u micron screen with a rosin press or a simple hair straightener and you will create your own Olio.

Our Process



We partner with industry-leading legacy breeders and cultivators to give consumers access to the best and most iconic genetics in hash form. When you're buying Biscotti, you are buying premium hash made from flowers grown by the best cultivators California has to offer.


Our food-grade, stainless-steel extraction technology is specially built for the sole purpose of making hash, which allows us to produce high-quality hash at higher volumes. Instead of using solvents and chemicals like other cannabis concentrate manufacturers, we use only water and ice. The combination of ice cold water and gentle agitation allow for the trichomes to naturally separate from the cannabis plant for collection.


We delicately gather a full-spectrum collection of trichomes by sieving our hash through a series of fine micron bags. This full-spectrum of trichome heads provides consumers with the widest range of cannabinoids, therapeutic and psychoactive effects.


Once we collect the full-spectrum of trichomes, we place each batch through our proprietary drying process. This process reduces the chances of microbials forming and better preserves terpenes for a more flavorful smoking experience.

Lab Test

We lab test each batch to ensure we are meeting the highest-standards of purity.


We put each batch through a rigorous grading process to carefully evaluate the batch’s natural properties. This evaluation allows us to determine which product line is most optimal for each batch. We believe that in order to create the most fulfilling consumer experience, we must present each batch in its most natural state.

Hand Package

Our premium hash concentrates and hash-infused prerolls are carefully hand-crafted and hand-packaged with care and strict attention to detail.

Lab Test... Again!

We double-test our batches to ensure we are meeting the highest-standards of purity.